Find What Treatments Are Possible

While there is no cure for Parkinson’s disease as yet, there are several treatment options that one can consider depending on the life cycle stage of the disease. Before commencing any treatment, it is best advised to consult a...

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What Deep Brain Stimulation Can and Can’t Do

Parkinson’s Disease presents itself in each patient in a unique way. That is why the treatment method for every person is different. Most of the Parkinson’s Disease patients begin with oral medication to treat the symptoms. But with progression of the disease, the effectiveness of dosage decreases. As a...

Things To Do After Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery

Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) is a surgical procedure for treatment of Parkinson’s Disease. Electrodes are implanted into the brain, which are connected through wires to a pacemaker like device placed under the skin of your chest. Just likes in any other surgery, your body will need time to heal...

How To Prepare For Deep Brain Stimulation Treatment?

Parkinson’s Disease hits every person differently. There is no definite cause for Parkinson’s Disease due to which a cure is yet not available. But, it can be treated using multiple methods. With the right treatment, a patient can get back to the normal life again. Usually, Parkinson’s Disease patients use...

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Patient Stories

Mrs. Pankaj Chauhan Story

When Mrs. Pankaj Chauhan, a 43 year old home maker from Pataudi, started developing tremors and stiffness, her family was afraid for her safety. Slowly, all her contribution to the household day-to-day activities had to stop.