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While there is no cure for Parkinson’s disease as yet, there are several treatment options that one can consider depending on the life cycle stage of the disease. Before commencing any treatment, it is best advised to consult a...

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Methods To Diagnose Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s Disease is an unpredictable brain disorder. Even after extensive research to find out the causes and cure for the disease, there is no success till now except for treating the symptoms. Due to this, the diagnosis of the disease is also quite difficult and not largely definite. Movement...

What are the methods to treat Parkinson’s disease?

1. MEDICATIONS Medications help in managing problems with walking, movement and tremor. The medications increase or substitute for the lack of chemical required for motor movements by replacing it with a specific signaling chemical in the patient’s brain. The medications provided by the doctors are: (a) General medication – The most effective Parkinson's...

Deep Brain Stimulation Treatment Cost

Parkinson’s is a progressive disorder caused by the degeneration of a small part of the brain called Substantia nigra. There is no cure of the disease till now but it can be treated for symptomatic improvements using multiple methods like medication, therapy, and other surgical procedures.   But with increasing severity...

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Patient Stories

Mrs. Pankaj Chauhan Story

When Mrs. Pankaj Chauhan, a 43 year old home maker from Pataudi, started developing tremors and stiffness, her family was afraid for her safety. Slowly, all her contribution to the household day-to-day activities had to stop.


  1. 100% parkinson treatment hai ya nhi btaye mere papa ko parkinson’s patient hai 3 year se unka halat bahot kharab h mujhe plz jldi se infomation dijiye

  2. I am suffering from parkingson desease since four years,with consultation i do take medison daily.i did not stop the playing games one hour basketball withuniversity level of players.while play games ,i did not fell of restriction of movements.some restriction is there . due to that my disablity did not aggravated. As per physicine advice i take medision

    Rtn Major Donor selvanayagam Samsu


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