Parkinson’s Symptoms And Causes

The most noticeable symptom of Parkinson’s disease is the hand tremor. While this may be the most well-known symptom, it is by no means the only visible one. People with Parkinson’s disease display a wide variety of symptoms such...

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Parkinson’s Disease in Men & Women

Less women than men are diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and several studies have supported this theory. Typically, there is a cognitive difference between men and women. But how does being a woman helps prevent Parkinson’s Disease and how is it different from men? Symptoms Present The toll in men goes higher...

Parkinson’s: What People Don’t See? Signs That Are Ignored

Parkinson’s Disease is a neurodegenerative disorder that affects predominantly dopamine-producing (“dopaminergic”) neurons. Parkinson’s Disease is a disorder of the central nervous system, and affects nearly 1 million Indians every year. It is a disease that is marked with age, and can be treated but not cured. Parkinson’s patients progressively lose...

Frequently Asked Questions About Parkinson’s Disease Symptoms And Causes

People suffering from Parkinson’s Disease go through a lot of confusion about their life. While Parkinson’s Disease is a neurodegenerative disease whose cause is yet unknown, after years of research and studies many questions have become somewhat answerable. Here are the answers of the most commonly asked questions related...

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Mr.Doug Karmel

“it felt extremely empowering to know that there was something out there that could make an impact on my ability to continue in my profession, take care of my family, and live as normal a life as possible.”