Parkinson’s Symptoms And Causes

The most noticeable symptom of Parkinson’s disease is the hand tremor. While this may be the most well-known symptom, it is by no means the only visible one. People with Parkinson’s disease display a wide variety of symptoms such...

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Pain in Parkinson’s Disease

In Parkinson’s Disease (PD) pain is one of the most common and perhaps unexpected symptoms. Up to 75 percent of PD victims suffer from pain ranging from the intensity of slight discomfort to stinging pain. But this symptom is also one of the most under-recognized and therefore undertreated of...

Essential Tremor VS Parkinson’s Disease. What’s The Difference?

Both Parkinson’s Disease (PD) and Essential tremor (ET), are nervous system disorders. But Essential Tremor is likely to hit a patient eight times more than Parkinson’s Disease. However, people often misdiagnose Essential Tremor as Parkinson’s disease because of common symptoms, treatment methods and diagnostic methods related to them. Up to...

How to monitor the symptoms of Parkinson’s?

Parkinson’s Disease an ongoing neurological disorder and has different stages. Individuals with Parkinson's Disease often experience variability in their symptoms and in the effectiveness of their medication. In order to address these fluctuations, there is a need to develop methods that will enable clinicians and researchers to monitor symptom...

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Mr.Doug Karmel

“it felt extremely empowering to know that there was something out there that could make an impact on my ability to continue in my profession, take care of my family, and live as normal a life as possible.”